Simplicity of Life.

After the long conversation I had with Nam902.

People tend to think too complicated.
Nothing is ever complicated or stressful unless you make it stressful and complicated.
The ways we were raised, and the people around us affects how we see things in life.
Some people want fame, money and power.
Whereas someone like us…
Being happy is more important.
Money doesn’t buy you happiness, it only brings you materials and necessities.

Being able to reminisce later on in life.
Knowing that you’ve had great friends, family, loved ones.
Knowing that you’ve never done anything that you would regret doing for the rest of your life.
Knowing that you’ve lived your life to the fullest in the time given,
and being happy is what life is about.

Rip Bebe and a733c haha Mrs. Yip says: (3:26:48 AM):
“most important dun regret”

~ by win0427 on December 9, 2009.

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